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sexiest porn video of all time - Apply These Ten Secret Techniques To Improve Ariana Grande Porn.

Rather than travelling across the city in cosplay for two days that weekend, I'd booked a cheap hotel room near the event for myself, and after a tiring Saturday of walking around in cosplay and taking in the event, I had a relatively early night after swapping some more e-mails as we'd agreed to meet on the Sunday morning as there was nothing particular I wanted to see at the event at that time.

I hadn't had chance to sit down and write about this experience, but a couple of weekends ago there was another cosplay event in my city - of course, I made my mind up to attend, and of course I posted up an ad online seeing if anyone would like me to show off for them to see what kind of response I got. After my other recent experiences with older men, the idea of taking things further and going with someone older still got me excited from the outset, and our conversations in the days building up to the event only accentuated that.

Come the morning, it was time to change into my outfit for the day, which saw me dress up as Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier again - an outfit I've worn before; a really cute, girly top, frilly skirt and knee-high socks with red shoes and slightly high heels (basically this, but with shorter socks: http://ift. Needless to say I received loads of responses - most went straight in the bin, others developed into conversations that petered off, some turned into quite heated discussion, but one man ultimately won out.

I never used to be too confident about whether the outfit suited me, but it seems popular so I've grown to love how I look in it, and checking myself in the mirror all was well for me to set out to meet the man in question. I told him that I was, and off we headed on the short walk back, talking a little more as he quizzed me on cosplay at the event and seeming to soak up any information I offered while showering me with compliments on how I looked whenever he could.

Back at the room, I invited him in, put up the do not disturb sign on the door and offered for him to sit down. We'd agreed to meet in public outside of the event's location, which was already busy - he knew what myself and the costume looked like, and I arrived to find him already at our meeting place - he was smartly dressed in a shirt and trousers, a little taller than me and with a look which fitted his years nicely.

We talked a little and exchanged pleasantries, before he enquired whether I was still okay with us going back to my room. He came and stood next to me on the bed, neither of us moving for a while before he took the initiative, his hands going straight to my legs, then under my skirt.

I then chose some less subtle poses - putting a leg up on the bed to allow him to try and peer up the skirt, bending over the bed, then simply lifting my skirt and giving him a view of my orange and white striped matching cotton underwear. I nodded, moving over next to the bed and striking a few poses after taking off my shoes while he complemented the outfit and how it fitted me, before quietly but confidently asking me to flash my knickers for him.

In no time, his fingers were under the waistband of my knickers, pulling them down my legs as I lifted first one and then the other to help myself out of them. It didn't take too much of that before he told me bluntly that he wanted to eat my pussy, to which I giggled a response of okay and invited him over to me.

I was already a little wet in anticipation of all of this, and I was soon much wetter still has he sucked and licked at my clit while his hands moved up and down my legs and thighs. His hands then parted my legs further, and his head soon dipped down between them - in moments, I felt his tongue press against my clit and then start to move and explore.

One of those hands soon moved, desi porn video and shortly after I felt a finger running up and down my pussy slips before carefully slipping into my wetness as his lapping of my clit stopped briefly. He wasn't sensational at either of these things, but the combination of fingers and tongue together were certainly working and had me breathing harder and moving my hips to coax him to continue.

This probably went on for about ten minutes, my orgasm slowly building as he continued to lick and finger me, his fingers moving harder and faster as I started to moan softly at first, then louder, his tongue occasionally stopping for him to urge me on to cum. Once one finger had moved in and out a few times a second joined it, and as he started to find a rhythm his tongue redoubled its work licking and sucking on me at the same time.

I then clambered onto the bed, lifting my skirt partway to give him his first view of my pussy, which megan salinas porn videos led to more complements as he simply admired it for a while. I eventually did just that, moaning and gripping the sheets as I came from his hard fingering in an enjoyable wave of pleasure.

He took the single chair in the room, and after sitting down with me stood near the door he asked if I was going to tease him a little to get things started. Then, he joined me on the bed, letting his hands run up and down the sock-clad part of my legs (he really loved the look of the socks on me, he told me), then higher to my bare legs and thighs.

He was exactly 60, very polite, desi porn video one porn really curious about cosplay and everything is entailed, and he walked the line between being a normal, friendly guy and one with clear desires for a girl my age perfectly. Now only in his socks, I could see his erection more than ready for me, average in size and girth as it was. After a little readjustment of his position as he got himself comfortable, his initial few thrusts inside me soon built into a quick and steady rhythm that had me moaning softly, while his own constant groans as he moved in me signalled how much he was enjoying this.

This didn't last too long, his heavy breathing and grunts sped up as he fucked me quickly, lost in the sensation until a few minutes later some hard, fast thrusts signalled his impending climax before the loudest moans yet accompanied him coming inside me.

After a short moment to recover from this and for him to ask how it was, he was against straightforward in saying "God, I really want to fuck you now". I told him not to worry (he'd warned of just that when we talked in the build-up to meeting), and sat up, wiping some sweat from my forehead.

I felt his hand guiding his penis towards its goal, before he slowly but eagerly penetrated me, groaning with pleasure as his cock sank all the way inside me as I sighed at the pleasant sensation myself. Still keen for more, he asked if he could play with my boobs while he regained his erection, and so I duly dropped the straps of the cosplay dress over my shoulders and pulled down the top to reveal my breasts to him.

He began to fuck me faster and harder as I wrapped my sock-clad legs around him, pressing him closer to me and allowing me to feel him a little deeper. Scooting over to me, more compliments were forthcoming as his hands cupped, massaged and kneaded my boobs, toying with my still erect nipples for a while before he leaned forward and took some time sucking each nipple in its mouth to make it even more erect.

I spread my legs wider and bunched up my skirt a little higher as he returned to the bed, then lifted my legs invitingly as he leant over me and positioned himself between them. After a period of regaining his breath and, I assume, savouring the moment, he pulled out and away from me, apologising that he didn't last long. I nodded my assent, and remained laid on my back on the bed, watching as he hurriedly unbuttoned and removed his shirt to reveal a thin but decent body before kicking off his shoes, trousers and briefs.

This done, I felt his cock slip up and down the length of my slippery entrance, before it soon sank slowly inside me again. After sitting there and allowing him to do this while increasing my excitement further, I eventually allowed one of my hands to venture to his crotch, finding his cock beginning to regain some life. Soon, his thrusts were increasing in intensity and speed, and I moaned out a "yes.

Eventually, those hands made their way up to my chest, as he leaned forward over me to fondle my boobs some more as he fucked me. This spurred him on to fuck me harder still, and the room was filled with moans from me, groans from him, and the sounds of my wet, cum-filled pussy as his cock moved in and out of it. Within a few minutes he was almost fully erect, and he asked me to move onto all fours on the bed.

So he said his goodbyes, thanked me even more and left, while I removed my outfit for a quick shower and clean-up before putting it back on to head off to the event for the rest of the day. This time he tried to maintain a slower, steadier pace, leaving me moaning softly and rhythmically as this older man's cock worked inside my pussy and his hands stroked my hips and legs.

submitted by ellesbells94 [link] [1 comment] It might not have been the best sex I've ever had, but the memories of a man 40 years older than me fucking me and loving every second of it while I was dressed as an innocent cosplay character has fuelled plenty of orgasms for me in my own private time since.

Teasing and touching it a little, I eventually took his penis in my hand and started to stroke it up and down, still lubricated by both of our juices which made things much easier. yes" as he started to hit the right spots for me.

After pulling out I turned and sat back on the bed, watching his glistening cock softening as he talked about how amazing it was fucking me - I told him I'd had a good time too, and suggesting that I should probably start getting ready to go out, and in fact check out sexiest hd porn videos video one porn ever of the hotel for that matter.

My orgasm was building nicely from this, but alas the excitement of my younger body was too much for him again, and he grabbed at my hips as he thrust deep inside me to cum for the second time.

Post by burton50p0630 (2017-12-21 16:39)

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